Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Oh my -- we did a FABULOUS party for a super sweet little boy last night. Normally we don't divulge our celebrity kiddies that party with us at the COOP -- but this party was well documented by the paparazzi -- so I don't feel bad mentioning it here as well! Bronx came in to the COOP a couple of weeks ago with his gorgeous momma Ashlee Simpson to talk about doing a birthday bash for him. Bronx loves animals -- especially Elephants and Lions he said -- so we went with a super safari theme! I am always so happy to get to use the gorgeous (I may be biased!) Elephant, Lion and Giraffe paintings I did for a Safari party a couple of months ago. They looked great in the windows (and served as paparazzi blockers -- bonus!)-- and the Lion held a place of Pride standing guard over the food table outside. I also repurposed another favorite of mine -- the banner I made for my son's party out of strips of material and ribbons -- I just added some safari ribbons to really make it go GREAT with the Safari theme and hung it around the food table. I think it really added to the look out there! I also did "Bronx's Jungle Juice for the kids which was basically some yummy Hawaiian punch with fruit slices floating in it -- served in great little cups we jazzed up with ribbon and raffia. This party is essentially a COOP and Caboodle Theme party -- meaning we did the cake (Julie/ Blue Cupcakes -- she's a genius!! Everyone RAVED about them as always), all the food, facepainter, and gorgeous flowers. I went for a really jungle-ie look with the flowers -- different from what I normally do -- but I think they turned out really cool and theme appropriate! The table had our moss and these darling cardboard modern patterned animals as the centerpiece... loved it! The kiddos all went home witha stuffed animal, a plush animal tail and ears set, and a really cool hand puppet that actually makes the animal noise. The party was wonderful and beautiful and most importanly -- Bronx had a wonderful time with his whole family and all his buddies celebrating his 3rd year!!!

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