Friday, January 6, 2012

A touch of paint..


Over the Thanksgiving break the COOP closed for two days to celebrate...but while everyone was busy enjoying their turkey I got busy at the COOP! When Juliet and I were in the construction process at the COOP circa September 2008 we knew we had to do something cool and unexpected on the main wall behind the counter. We both searched for ideas and had all sorts of good ones but nothing felt quite right. One day while flipping through my former favorite magazine (former only because they discontinued it!) DOMINO, I came upon a tiny picture from the 60's of a gorgeous bohemian socialite in an apartment with this super-cool graphic on the wall behind her. I showed it to Juliet and we both agreed that it was EXACTLY what we wanted so we got busy creating our very own COOP version. We had my husband Todd do the very precise taping and I remember giving him such a hard time because it took SO long and then our friend Megan painted it.
Recently the T.V. show "PRIME SUSPECT" shot at the COOP, and they wanted to put a plastic cover around the base of the counter that matched the wall - we said sure and then liked it so much we left it. So it was over Thanksgiving that I decided to improve upon their plastic version myself, and after six hours of taping - before I even started to paint I sure was wishing my husband was there! But the proof of my labor is in the pudding, or I should say WALL!

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