Monday, January 30, 2012


Here are some pics form a recent CONSTRUCTION themed COOP and CABOODLE party. The WHOLE COOP and CABOODLE package is our totally full service package -- where we handle everything (including adult food and cake) -- and you get all the "extras"... fresh flowers, face painter, big birthday balloons, etc. It's our most full service an fabulous party... and we can do just about any theme you or your little one can think up! In this case... the birthday boy was super into Construction trucks so we went with that as our theme. Our major colors were black, yellow and orange -- which of course match our COOP colors just perfectly! Guests were greeted by two enormous birthday balloons anchored with construction cones (we had some outside as well -- I loved how they looked!) In the main room, I did "road" table runners -- and on the outside food table I simply uses strips of yellow duck tape on black tablecloths for a "road" effect. The main table had the cupcake tower from the amazing Julie (blue, which is always gorgeous and a big hit.... as well as some beautiful flower arrangements in yellows and green and white. The gifts were out on the table when the guests arrive -- ad we bagged them up before cake time for everyone to take home. The gifts were fabulous -- and the mom was sooooo impressed. She said several times "Your gift bags are amaaaaazing!". That always makes me happy. For this party -- all the kids got an adorable construction vest, a construction cone sippy cup, a construction hat and a pull back construction vehicle. Quite a score for the partygoers!! The kids were crazy about them -- and they looked so adorable in their vests and hats. I also used some actual construction trucks in the decor -- which the birthday boy loved! Another super cute addition (and I don't have pics unfortunately) -- was these small construction hats that were used as snack cups... filled with goldfish. So cute. All in all -- another GREAT party at the COOP!

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