Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cocktails at the COOP

People often ask if they can have adult parties at the COOP... and the answer is a resounding YES! We have done quite a few cocktail parties, 30th BDays, 50th BDays, HOliday parties -- you name it! Just this weekend I was so happy to host an event for the alumni of my children's school at the COOP. I feel so very fortunate to send my kids to this wonderful small progressive school, Children's Community School, in Van Nuys. It's the tiniest little gem of a school, that treats my kids with such love and respect it makes me swoon. I adore the school -- and though I am fortunate enough to be able to afford to send my kids to a private school -- I am not someone who can really throw loads of money at them for all the amazing work they do everyday. Believe me -- if I had that kind of cash -- the school would have a new library or something -- that's how much I love them! So -- it was so wonderful to do this event for the Alumni and teachers to celebrate CCS's 30th Anniversary this weekend. I was so happy to show just a tiny sliver of my gratitude in the form of a beautiful event at the COOP. I wanted to do a sophisticated look -- so I spent a week or so gathering green and glass and gold pedestal bowls and vases and did a load of tiny arrangements (succulents, rannuculus, cabbage, lilac, anemones -- lots of different flowers in greens and purples and whites) down the center table with a burlap table runner. I am SO pleased with how it turned out -- the flowers and the candles -- I thought it just looked magical. The back food table was covered in burlap (one of my favorites!) - with a wonderful spread of food artfully displayed between 2 vases of cherry blossom tree branches that I put in vases with rocks at the bottom. Very earthy -- and the height of the branches made quite a statement in the room! Out on the patio, there was a three piece band/ orchestra playing -- which made the space feel heavenly. I love our patio at night -- with the globe lights... the candles... and the glow from the inside (the dance floor actually creates quite a beautiful glow at night!). I did these AMAZING tulips outside -- I am not exactly sure what type they are -- they seem even more spectacular that a parrot tulip -- they are so large and ruffle-ie ... they looked like peonies (my FAV... but not in season right now) and I interspersed the vases with these bright green grassie plants. I love love loved those arrangements -- and for some height we did a cherry blossom tree (smaller in scale) out there as well. We used the front "lobby" desk as a bar -- which we have done in the past and it works beautifully. The event was a huge success -- and I was so proud of Lucinda and I to have created this amazing space, and so pleased to be able to do something beautiful for the people who are helping me to guide and teach my beautiful boys every day. It was a very proud mommie/ momtrepreneur moment for me!

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