Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Oh my goodness -- I simply cannot believe that I have a NINE year old! It seems crazy to me. I swear I can remember being nine myself -- and it doesn't feel like it was THAT long ago. My little guy is nine now.... and of course we had to celebrate in style. His BDay was actually super bowl Sunday -- so we went with a football theme. It was so so fun. Lots of work, of course -- more than usual as when it is my own kid I have to pull out ALL the stops! But it was well worth it as Finn really had a great time -- my little baby... nine years old! Crazy. I wanted to do something fabulous for the main table -- so I got some tall artificial grass mats and used them as a giant football field... complete with these adorable football player cut outs that I found on etsy (actually I found the treat bags and banner there -- and then I asked her if she would just do some players on their own -- that I then glued at sticks and stuck in the grass!) I love how that table turned out! The treat table was also pretty fab -- this was the first time I used those BIG balloons -- and now I am addicted to them. They are so chic and fun. Love love love them. Very COOP-ie.... slightly more fabulous than your average balloon! I made the ribbon garland to hang above the treat table which I love -- and plan on using again and again (I am even considering it as a seaweed or jelllyfish costume for me come Halloween!) The fantastic Julie from Blue Cupcake did the amazing cake tower and I surrounded it with green and white (mostly) candies for the kiddies. Outside -- I did more giant balloons -- interspersed with some football shaped balloons on the snack table. I stuck "Finn's Football Fiesta" stickers on all of the glass snack and candy containers and the lemonade cups -- even the goodie bags... which really made for a nice cohesive look for the party. I really loved how the whole party turned out. It was cool for a nine year old (helmet shaped jello jigglers, neon football helmet signs, footballs for all - and candy, candy candy!)-- but chic for his mommy (footballs in bell jar cloches, fresh flowers and burlap) . A perfect combination -- just like us!

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