Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sweet Sawyer just had his one year old BDay this past weekend -- and he wanted to celebrate it at the COOP of course!! He came straight from his photo shoot at the beach for the GAP (I'm not kidding!) into his colorful cars party celebration! He is simply gorgeous, and his family is just lovely. We wanted to do something really cute and colorful for him -- and a wee bit "younger" than our usual cars themed party. We came up with the party above -- and everyone was thrilled. We used these cute Rubbabu vehicles as gifts for everyone, which I love. They are super bright -- kind of squishy -- and have a cool fuzzy texture. When my boys were little they had a big one -- and they ADORED it. I think it made a great gift for this party, along with the tire sippy cups and those cute checkered flag bandannas. The party was a big bright fantastic celebration -- hope you enjoy the pics!

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