Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tea for 20? Of course. Tea for 20 Princess? the COOP, of course! We did a lovely tea party for one of our favorite little ladies recently (this was her THIRD party at the COOP... love that!). She only invited her girl friends.... so it was pretty, pink princess to the MAX! Lucinda made the little towers of tea cups for decor (so adorable) and we used our mossy grass table "runner"... with real roses and some artificial flowers strewn about -- including those sparkie purple paper flowers I made (that I was quite proud of!) We jazzed up the white ball chandelier with some pretty butterflies in different shapes and shades of pink and purple. All of the gorgeous princess guests received a tutu, white gloves, a tiara and a very fabulous super colorful mercury glass tea cup and saucer. The girls were thrilled -- and looked simply divine sipping on "tea" in their tutus and tiaras!

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