Thursday, January 23, 2014

COOP News!

We created the COOP as great place for moms (and dads and nannies and grannies!) to hang out and play or party right alongside their kids.  We wanted to create a space that adults would love as much as their kids did.  And we are so so proud to stand here 5 years later KNOWING that we did just that.  And for that – we thank you – all our wonderful customers.

The demand to have a COOP Party has grown beyond what our weekend spots can accommodate. We have tried to figure out the best way to accommodate for the growing demand – and over the past year we just closed whenever we booked a weekday party.  This worked for us – but, sadly, we don’t think it worked great for our day to day customer.  We know people found it frustrating when they showed up on a random Wednesday and we were closed for a private party.  So we went back to the drawing board…. And we have a new solution:

Starting February 1st, The COOP will be doing private parties and playdates every day of the week EXCEPT Tuesday.  Tuesday is the only day we will be open for drop in play… but we will ALWAYS be open on Tuesdays!  We promise to NEVER book a party or event on a Tuesday.  If you want to play… Tuesday is your day!!!

If you want to party or host a private playdate – you can now do so during the week!  After school birthday Parties ON your child’s birthday!  Private Pizza Party after a half day at your school!  Give us a call 818-760-9613 and we can get working on the PERFECT celebration just for you! 

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