Friday, January 10, 2014


Here are some shots from a fun Plane party we did recently.  It was a Whole COOP and CABOODLE package... so we handled the cupcakes (mom also asked us to add a cake... which we did!), fresh flowers, large lollipops, adult food and some extra snacks and special juice and cups for the kiddos - in addition to the fabulousness you get (goodie bags, decor) you get with a theme party at the COOP.  I really wanted to figure out a cool and fun centerpiece... I was thinking of clouds.  I was so excited when I thought of using the FLOWERS as clouds-- as well as some foam cut out clouds on sticks coming out of the flowers arrangements (hydrangeas and white carnations.... )  I LOVE how it turned out.  Clouds, clouds, clouds... I used a lot of cloud images for this party.  The cloud looked more cool and modern than a plane image, I thought.  Mom was so so incredibly sweet... and she love love loved every bit of it.  Her daughter didn't want ANYTHING girlie... but I still think the party had enough of a feminine feel to make it extra special!

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