Friday, January 10, 2014


We did  a really fun TMNT party for one of our favorite families recently!  They are so so lovely and fun and have 2 boys (the Power ranger party is also theirs!)  who LOVE to party and play at the COOP!  We keep everything mod and cool -- while still maintaining the TMNT fun.  WE love our dots at the COOP -- so we used bright been and white, and black and white dots as our main color scheme for this fun one!  Green dotted plates with the turtle masks on top really gave a graphic modern look to what could've been a cheesy cartoon party!  Likewise -- we went with just the cute little turtle faces as the decor on the goodie bags and lollipops.  It a fun way to drive the theme  home.  One cool image on lots of different elements (goodie bags, lollipops, lolli holders, party hats, drink container, flower vases...)  The Whole COOP and CABOODLE package comes with cupcakes -- and as usual Julie from Blue Cupcakes did not disappoint.  This party was as fun an cheerful as the family we were celebrating with!  Hope you enjoy the photos.

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