Friday, January 10, 2014

COOP Party at Home... Little Rockstar

We just did this COOP Party at Home for a clients beautiful little girl's first birthday.  The family is beyond lovely -- and the extended family that were all in attendance on the big day were SOOOOOO FUN!  It was such a fun celebration for a fun little girl.  I swear -- I have never met a more good natured 1 year old (and I HAVE a one year old!!).  All she does is smile and laugh and dance.  LOVE her.  It's tough at 1... because they don't really have very solid interests just yet.  Mom said all she loves is music.  Music and dancing.  WE were lucky enough to score TWINKLE TIME to perform a set for the little ones in the back yard -- which was a HUGE hit!  For our decorations -- we just kept it simple and music related.  Did Stars on the goodie bags for the mini rock stars... and LOVED the pinwheels made out of sheet music that we used for the centerpieces on the tables (along with some glittery stars and gorgeous flowers OF COURSE!!!)  I think my favorite thing was the star garland (made from sheet music as well!) we hung with the Happy Birthday Banner over the treat table.  First of all... I mean -- how gorgeous does that look!?  It looks like a party at a French country estate, right!  Love how it came together.  Love love love this family -- loved how the party looked and was so so happy that they were just THRILLED to have had the COOP make their day so perfect!

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