Friday, January 10, 2014


Ohhhh -- I LOVE this party.  This is one we did for a lovely 15 year old girl recently.  She is a bit older than our "usual" patrons -- so I got to go a little more sophisticated with the decor.  The goodie bags were still super fun ... and the party was all girls so we had fun with dress up elements!!   We did different PIXAR characters  -- the "Jessie's" got red tutus and cowgirl hats, the Minions got these hilarious Minion hats with a  yellow tutus and yellow boas, the lady "Sullys" got turquoise tutus, a purple boa and a Sully mask, and the "Mike Wasowoski" girls got a green tutu and boa and  Green wig. They were such a hit -- the SECOND each girl arrived she ran over -- grabbed an alter ego for the evening and got dressed!  They were so playful and fun... makes me hopeful that my own little girl will still be sweet when she's 15!!!  For the decor -- I just went with pink and gold glitter, basically!  Pink carnations in gorgeous gold vases ran down the whole table -- and I made cut outs of the birthday girl's favorite PIXAR characters to include in the centerpiece.  I also did her name in wooden block letters in front of the vases.  The birthday banners were all glittery gold an natural burlap with loads of pink ribbon accents.  I kept it COOP-ie with the pink dotted napkins and LOVED the mini glass Martinelli's apple juices -- glammed up with glitter and tulle bows.  Love love love them!!  You are NEVER too old to have a FAB bash at the COOP -- and I think this party proves just that!!!

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