Monday, August 1, 2011


I was so happy with how this party turned out! We have done Elmo parties in the past -- but I am really proud of how this one came together. We had a giant Elmo "air walker" balloon greeting guests as they were welcomed to Elmo's playground on Sesame Street. I left the table bare -- i think it is such a gorgeous table on it's own -- and added the red Dahilias and billy ball arrangement in those bright yellow vases -- it such a great look! The centerpiece was a giant Elmo Pinata waving standing under a Sesame Street sign that I made! I was so so happy with how it turned out. It a banister pole from home depot!!! I simply (or not so simply as it turned out!) added a top piece to -- sprayed it Sesame Street green and put in a vase filled with moss. Oh -- and you can't see it in the picture -- but I glued a white COOP ball bit ball on top -- to make it look like a light! It's really the whole reason for this post -- I just LOVE it!!! Something else "new" for this Elmo party were the tall vases filled with bright colorful letters and numbers (they are actually pieces from wooden puzzles from the dollar store!) I thought they looked great -- and were a nice nod to the educational element of Elmo and all his buddies. Everyone got some cute branded Sesame Street coloring books, Elmo rings, a red boa and a super adorable Stuffed Elmo doll. It was so great. And mom was sooooooo happy. She just kept saying it looked better than she even imagined it would be! Music to our ears!!

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