Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Check out our recent SPACE party that we hosted this weekend. We generally hang planets and a few stars when we do any sort of outer space party -- and this was no exception. We hung a few planets, wrapped some vases in star glitter wire and placed some fabulous inflatable spaceships on top for table decor. We even threw in a couple of inflatable alien specimens - ready of their close up under the glass bell jars - on the main table. The kids all got Astronaut Ice Cream( I can still taste that distinct taste from visits to the Air & Space museum when I was in Elementary school!), Laser fingers and an inflatable Space Shuttle. WE just did simple black tablecloths and scattered them with same stars that we used to decorate the goody bags. It makes for a cohesive cool look, that was big hit with our BDay boy.

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