Monday, August 1, 2011


Did a super cute party this weekend for a little guy who loves any and all types of sports balls! Footballs, Soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs -- he loves them all equally! So we didn't want to limit the party to just ONE sport -- and we went all out with all kinds of balls! It looked so adorable. Similar to the Dodgers party we did recently - we did grass on the tables and the vases filled with balls... and a giant soccer ball pinata centerpiece. Mom told me she was getting shirts made for all the kids -- and I came up with the idea to hang them on a "clothesline" along the retail shelves for major impact. It was such a hit!! Mom was so cute -- her sister usually does all her parties and she was sooooo worried to helm this one on her own. She trusted us to do our thing -- but was a wee bit nervous about it! She kept saying she just wanted to be sure the party wasn't cheesy! I assured her that we NEVER do cheesy at the COOP! We keep it simple, bold and fun -- but never (i hope!) get sucked into the cheesy realm! I am happy to report that she was thrilled -- and her sister (who flew in the night before the party!) must've said at least a 100 times how she picked the absolute PERFECT party spot and everything looked spectacular. Oh -- and most importanly -- the birthday boy was over the moon!

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