Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Oh Indiana Jones! Who doesn't love Indiana Jones? (or Harrison Ford, for that matter!) No one I know! We were super excited to host our first ever Indiana Jones party at the COOP this past weekend. It was for another one of our fabulous multi party mommies -- she actually has another COOP party coming up in about a month! We love that kind of COOP love! We wanted to make the party super fun and fabulous -- and I think we did just that! The table was straight out of the Temple of Doom -- strewn with giant rubber snakes (everyone got to take one home as well!) a treasure chest overflowing with coins, spiders, and the remains of a few brave souls that dared enter before us! I LOVED how it all looked with the torn cheesecloth table runner. The back table was swathed in burlap and held the goodie bags. We stuck with our simple kraft paper bags with the stark white skull emblazoned on it. Very graphic, very cool. The main table was covered in Indy hats and skeleton cups for all our mini adventurers... and as I said, they all went home with them and a super wiggle giant rubber snake at the end of the party. It was a wonderful party for a great family.... who we will see again VERY soon!

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  1. The birthday boy and all his friends had a great time. As always you guys went above and beyond our expectations! We can't wait for our next party in a few weeks.