Wednesday, August 31, 2011


One of our most fabulous mommies just held her daughter's party at the COOP this weekend -- and she went with a SUPER MARIO theme. Mom couldn't quite understand why the birthday girl chose the theme, as she never knew her daughter to PLAY Super Mario -- but then her daughter explained that she played (play acted) Super Mario with the boys at school a lot! So cute. I think she was picking her theme based on what the boys like! She and her party are sure to be the talk of the boys in class after this shebang -- and I suspect that was EXACTLY the point! She is so cute! The first Super Mario party we ever did was for my son Finn a couple of years ago -- I included pics of his cake and the "magic mushroom" flowers I did for HIS party here as well... just to show off! Ha. We used the striped red and white table runners and did gold coins and stars scattered about on them for a little extra punch. The tall vases held the squishy stars that were included as part of the take home gifts. The kids also got red glitter Mario hats (Lucy and I actually handmake the M logo for these every time we do a Mario party!!) white cotton gloves, and sticky mustaches for all --- and the girls get a red tutu and the boys a water race game. It is such a cute party. I just LOVE how the kids look with their mustaches and hats! And -- to be honest -- these gifts are also ALWAYS a big hit with the parents. Every time we do a Mario Party, there are more than a handful adults waltzing around with their sticky mustache and Mario hat. It's a fun one for the whole family!

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