Tuesday, October 18, 2011

COOP Theme Party

This party started off the BEST way possible.... mom waltzed in and the first thing out of her mouth was "Oh MY -- you really outdid yourself Juliet!" So sweet. And I kind of agree. I just love how this party looked. Any party that is in the orange , yellow and white scheme is always fab -- probably why I love the COOP Classic party so much! This was a COOP Classic THEME party though -- so the fabulous quotient was even higher than usual! I love love love the new nests I got for the table ... and those darling paper mache birds! How gorgeous are they? I painted them in our colors to make them super COOP-ie... but they already were pretty COOP-ie.... Look how much they look like the bird in our logo! They are just perfect. The nests were sitting atop our favorite moss runners -- and I did yellow and white flowers too! The girls all got tutus and boas (very bird like!) and the boys got yellow capes and gold masks. All the kids got a chineese take out box filled with a little green paper shred (grass) a musical shakie egg and a wind up hopping chick. Oh -- and how lucky was mom that I have so many supplies laying around.... she walked in with those darling cake pops -- but no way to display them. I quickly made this low ribbon wrapped vase filled with paper grass. The caterer was actually quite impressed by that one! It was a great party -- with a great crowd... and a very very happy birthday COOP chickadee!

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