Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We had a wonderful little guy who had a LION KING party this weekend.... emphasis on the Hyaenas! He LOVES the scary hyaenas. More power to him, I say --- but it did make for a bit of a task when it came to designing the party. You see -- I think Disney AVOIDS the scary characters when doing their party supplies!!! So we had to improvise. I think we did a pretty great job actually. Lucinda ordered those funny little inflatable lions, that we topped off with crowns (they are KINGS after all!) as well as the great looking stuffed Hyaenas that we placed center stage on the table. I went with burlap table covers -- and our mossy grass runners which we placed lots of small figurines on (they went in the goody bags as well). At each setting was a lion tail and ears which are just adorable (Lucy's doing again!)... and the front room was capped off with my fabulous Lion painting (that I did for a safari party).... which we placed a crown on as well. So cute. I also convinced my local Subway manager to sell me ALL of his Hyaena Subway reusable lunch bags that we used as the goody bags -- to really seal the deal that this was a Hyaena party -- not JUST a lion King party! The mom really couldn't believe the lengths we went to to give her little guy exactly what he wanted for his party. She was ALMOST as happy as the birthday boy himself!

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