Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MOD Monkey

Ohhh - I started off this party in SUCH a great mood. I was already thrilled with how it looked -- but I was BEAMING when the birthday boy showed up and before he even stepped in the door he started making monkey noises and scratching under his arms when he saw the set up. It was officially my best ever stamp of approval! Just darling. Mom wanted a straight up monkey NOT Curious george theme. I found these cute little mod monkey plates, napkins, blowers and hats which set the color scheme and the mood for the whole party design. I used our great turquoise table runners -- which matched the monkey plates perfectly! I used the monkey centerpiece we use for jungle parties (can you believe that darling little guy is a kids trash can! so cute.) and - my favorite part... our glass cloches filled to the rim with bananas. It's such a great way to add a theme-ie POP... and it looks so chic (and it's not pricey!). The best part was the kids were all asking for bananas at cake time!!!! Amazing. The goodie bags all had -- a banana, a stuffed monkey, a monkey mask and a "barrel full of monkeys" game. Lots of happy little monkeys swinging out of the COOP at the end of this party!

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