Friday, October 28, 2011


Pretty Cute UGLY Party, right? My youngest son LOVES Ugly Dolls -- luckily for sweet Sadie who wanted an UGLY DOLL theme party. Because of Grants love for the ugly -- I happen to have at my disposal quite a few actual Ugly Dolls that I was able to use for decor on this one! The only caveat (my poor children have had treasured treasure chests and many other of their toys ruined by the COOP and it's parties!!) was I had to be sure nobody thought HIS dolls were up for grabs... That's how I decided to make the Ugly Doll banner out of actual stuffed dolls! Isn't it darling? I think it tuned out great -- and really made the party look special! I really just wanted to go for fun and colorful for this party -- and I just LOVE how it turned out. I used my new favorite turquoise table runners -- and then cut colored foam pieces in different sized circles to add some more color to the tables. The real punch of color came from the flowers -- dahlias in many different shades. Love how they turned out (put an Ugly Doll mask around the main arrangement to really "theme" it up!) The kids all go an Ugly Doll backpack clip, a bunch of Ugly Doll goodies and a fun light up ring -- just in time for safe Halloween-ing! I just love a room full of color -- and this party room certainly did not disappoint! Nothing ugly about it!!

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