Monday, October 10, 2011

Party at your place?

I had a woman in the other day who was a party planner... she was going through our party book and was quite impressed with our flowers. She kept pointing out pictures in the book "Did you do this arrangement?" "Yes.", "How bout this one?" "yep", "Do you guys do all these flowers yourselves" "We sure do!" On top of all the actual party planning we do -- we spend a great deal of time at the Flower Mart! To be quite honest -- I really love it. I LOVE getting down there super early in the morning and loading up on fresh beautiful flowers for the COOP -- for my house -- for a party -- for whatever. I just love flowers. My mom was big into them -- she was ALWAY more concerned with how her parties LOOKED than what people ate (I have totally inherited that trait from her!). So anyway -- this woman was asking if I would do flowers for her events. OF COURSE! We are always looking at ways to expand the biz -- and a little flower arranging or party decor for your at home events is absolutely something we would consider. The pics above are from a party I did at my house -- just to give you an idea of the kinds of things we can do for a more "sophisticated" crowd (read: not 5 year olds!!) And, of course and as always, we can ALWAYS add fresh beautiful flowers to your event at the COOP! Just let us know and we will customize something special for your party!

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