Monday, October 10, 2011

OWL Party

Oh my! I was so excited when this mom came in and wanted to do an owl party... I have the MOST FAB Owl vase at home that I have been dying to use at the COOP -- and here was my opportunity! Mom actually bought the gifts and the plates on her own for this one (how cute are the goody bags? She got them on etsy. Adorable!). She just asked me to help with the decor elements and flowers. I think it ended up looking SPECTACULAR! The Owl vase was so perfect! I loved how the hydrangeas made him look like he had an afro! So Darling! I also did lots of smaller arrangements -- billy balls, and lots of pink and green flowers to match her party goods. The table cloths outside and on the back table-- how freaking fantastic are those things!! I hand dip dyed those ombre pink masterpieces for a party at my house -- and thought they would be great for this party. They were! Julie also did a spectacular (as usual) Owl treat table with wood pedestals and little nests of macaroons... so gorgeous and delicious! I just LOVED this party. Love love loved -- makes me wish a had a little girl! But I guess that's why I have the COOP -- so I can pink overload on other peoples parties!!!

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